NBIS Onboarding


DCSA is planning NBIS onboarding for both federal agencies and industry in a phased approach. This gradual rollout is designed to ensure NBIS capabilities have gone through significant user acceptance testing, and DCSA can fine tune the onboarding process for the best customer experience. This means that organizations onboarding towards the beginning of the rollout will not have access to the full suite of NBIS capabilities and will still have to rely on some legacy systems. DCSA will continue to work with agencies throughout the entire process.

Timeline showing the NBIS release schedule, starting with a pilot phase for DCSA and Air Force in 2021. NBIS releases continue in 2022 and 2023 with smaller, less complex federal organizations, then average-sized organizations, and finally complex federal organizations. Major capability releases for Initiation, Investigation, Adjudication and Subject Management, and Continuous Vetting come with the later releases in 2023.