News | Feb. 10, 2020

Industry Personnel Security Investigations Data Collection will open on March 9, 2020

The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) is responsible for projecting Personnel Security Investigations (PSI) requirements each year. The data collection for PSI projection requirements will be open from March 9, 2020, to April 3, 2020, through the National Industrial Security System (NISS) Submission Site. Annual projections acquired from Industry through this collection are the key component in Department of Defense program planning and budgeting for NISP security clearances.

In preparation for this upcoming data collection, please ensure that you register for your NISS account in order to participate in the data collection. Registration instructions are found on the NISS website under the Registration section (

If you already have established your NISS account, please log in to NISS to ensure you have access to any or all necessary CAGE codes for your facilities. You will need to request a separate NISS role for each CAGE code, which you’ll need to submit the PSI data collection. After logging into NISS, on the Dashboard, select “Click to Change Roles” on the blue bar. This will display all of your approved NISS roles and corresponding CAGE codes.

A PSI Job Aid is available on the NISS Dashboard (after you have logged in) to assist in completing the PSI projections.

A completed NISS package is not required to participate in the data collection; only an established account is necessary to input the PSI requirements. Please note that submitting the PSI projections is independent of NISS package submissions; submitting information related to the facility clearance is not required as part of the PSI data collection.

We look forward to your participation. If you have any questions about the PSI data collection, please contact the PSI team at: All other NISS questions should be sent to, or call the DCSA Knowledge Center at 888-282-7682 and select option 2, then option 2.