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On Monday, November 16, 2020, DCSA released Defense Information System for Security (DISS) version 13.2. The release implements enhancements, updates, and fixes to all DISS subsystems, including the Case Adjudication Tracking System (CATS), Joint Verification System (JVS), and Appeals Module. New and improved functionality and business rules allow DCSA to better manage subject eligibility and users to better view subject investigation and adjudication results from federal agencies so that unnecessary investigations and adjudications are not performed. This version also launches two pilots for Investigation Request submissions with Navy and industry. Release 13.2 includes the following updates:

• Security and Investigations Index (SII) Across JVS, CATS, and Appeals: Release 13.2 creates a new Security and Investigations Index (SII) search function to display a subject’s investigation and adjudication results from the Central Verification System (CVS). This enhances reciprocity and avoids unnecessary investigation and/or adjudication on a subject as most federal agencies outside of DoD who perform security and suitability adjudications send their investigation and adjudication information details through CVS.

• Joint Verification System (JVS): Release 13.2 adds the ability to mass indoctrinate, transfer, and/or debrief subjects with one single action.\

• Case Adjudication Tracking System (CATS):

o Release 13.2 now enables eligibility to be entered once an SF-86 is released to the Investigation Service Provider (ISP). DISS previously required a confirmation response that an investigation was scheduled before an interim eligibility could be entered.

o Release 13.2 adds historical investigation types including SSBI, PPR, SAC, ANACI, NACLC, and SBPR for users granting interim eligibility. DISS previously did not allow interim eligibility to be entered based on historic investigation types.

o Release 13.2 allows the option to select “Eligibility Pending” in the Interim Adjudication Level drop-down menu.

o Release 13.2 adds automatic priority tagging for all approved Reciprocity Customer Service Requests (CSR).

• News and Announcements. Release 13.2 adds news and announcements to each DISS application “About” tab. Users should review the JVS, CATS, and Appeals “About” tabs for updates. If you have DISS questions, please reach out to DCSA.ContactCenter@mail.mil DCSA will update on Release 13.3 and additional functionality updates in the coming weeks.