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DCSA working with NCMS to provide DISS training


DCSA is working with NCMS, using its NCMSLive WebEx platform, to provide a
2-hour training session every Tuesday from 2 - 4 p.m. ET during the month of
January for EVERY user of the Defense Information Security for Security
(DISS)  -  government, industry and agencies.

NCMS members should register via their regular NCMSLive Registration

Non-NCMS members should use the below URLs to register. 

05 Jan 2021 Registration address for attendees:

12 Jan 2021 Registration address for attendees:

19 Jan 2021 Registration address for attendees:

26 Jan 2021 Registration address for attendees:

If you register and find that you can't attend, we ask that you cancel your
registration accordingly.  NCMS members can go to the registration platform
and "cancel registration".  Non-members can send an email to
NCMSLive@classmgmt.comand inform us of your cancellation.

If you're not sure the WebEx platform will work on your computer, you can
test your system (before you register) by going to Cisco WebEx | Test online
meeting - https://www.webex.com/test-meeting.html. 

If you have issues connecting on the day of the training, you can email us,
NCMSLIve@classmgmt.com, and we can provide you the instructions to call in
and listen via audio only.