News | April 9, 2021

Consolidated Adjudications Facility: Amended COVID-19 Extention Processing

In April 2020, in coordination with various stakeholders, the Department of Defense Consolidated Adjudications Facility (DoD CAF) began issuing COVID-19 extension letters for subjects with in progress official requests for information from the DoD CAF.  The purpose of the extension letters was to prevent an unfavorable clearance action due to a COVID-19 related non-response.
Although adverse impacts associated with COVID-19 persist a year later, the Department of Defense as a whole has matured in its COVID-19 posturing, which has enabled successful continuity of operations.  Due to the leveraging of telework, shiftwork, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, DoD-affiliated personnel are now able to continue working with minimal mission impact.
The DoD CAF evaluated current operating procedures throughout the community and reinstated its “pre-COVID” business processes and procedures regarding DoD CAF correspondence response requirements.


The DoD CAF will no longer issue indefinite automatic extensions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
DoD CAF personnel will send a Request for Action (RFA) for a single extension related to COVID-19 via Defense Information System for Security (DISS).  Commands, Security Management Offices (SMOs), Security Managers (SMs), National Industrial Security Program (NISP) Facility Security Officers (FSOs), and other authorized security professionals have 30 days from the date of the RFA to comply with the official Supplemental Information Request or other request as received in DISS. 
If the requested action is not completed in the allotted timeframe, the DoD CAF may be unable to continue processing the adjudication until there is compliance with the official request. 
Questions regarding DoD CAF requests should be communicated via the DISS Portal or via the DoD CAF Customer Call Center at