News | May 3, 2021


DCSA has successfully deployed Release 2.6 of the National Background Investigation Services (NBIS). A follow up to Release 2.5, this deployment adds access management, visit management, and polygraph features required for federal government personnel security management. The following features are part of an ongoing NBIS release rollout, ensuring that all functionalities receive adequate user acceptance testing in a phased approach:

visit management

  • Requesting organizations can submit pertinent subject data for hosting organization approval.
  • Hosting organizations can create visits and events and share them with other NBIS organizations as invitations. Invited organizations can then add subjects to the event for approval. (NOTE: This is a new feature that previous legacy systems did not offer.)
  • Facilitate visit approvals, denials, and notification process flows. 
  • Conduct organization and subject-level views at any stage of the visit process. 

Access management

  • Tailor user-friendly access configuration options to pair access and eligibility, help facilitate policies, and modify as needed.
  • Pair access management options with the NBIS Workflow Builder or use as an independent capability in subject management.
  • Conduct subject-level management actions, including adding, removing, suspending, and reinstating access, as well as one-time, short duration access and owning affiliations.
  • Site Security Officers (SSOs) can manage and view SCI-level access, programs, and tickets.


  • View, record, edit, and delete polygraph information, as needed. (NOTE: Subject profiles will reflect information from all government agencies, whether internal or external to NBIS.)


  • Improved data quality scripts manage loss of affiliation, loss of eligibility, and administrative withdrawals, such as breaks in service.


  • Enhancements to Suitability and HSPD-12.
  • Ability to suspend and reinstate eligibility.

cross functional capabilities

  • Program tag updates to provide better visibility and tracking between organizations.



nbis onboarding status


DCSA is planning onboarding to NBIS in a phased approach. The rollout is designed to ensure DCSA can fine-tune the onboarding process for the best customer experience. DCSA has divided onboarding customer agencies into groups across the federal government based on size and unique needs. We are currently piloting NBIS both internally and with the U.S. Air Force. Once complete, the DCSA Onboarding Support Team will initiate NBIS readiness planning for the first of seven customer groups.
If you have questions about the onboarding schedule, reach out to your Agency Liaison to confirm your group assignment.


Additional NBIS information is located at Contact the Agency Support/System Liaison Helpline at 724-794-5612 (x46)