News | July 20, 2021

DCSA deploys NBIS Release 3.0

DCSA Deploys NBIS Release 3.0 with Significant Capability Enhancements

DCSA has successfully deployed Release 3.0 of the National Background Investigation Services (NBIS). A follow up to Release 2.6, this deployment adds enhanced capabilities for subject and risk management, industry support, and continuous vetting. The features outlined below are part of an ongoing NBIS release rollout, ensuring that all functionalities receive appropriate user acceptance testing in a phased approach:

Subject Management

  • Subject List: The “Subject List” provides a customizable view that subject managers can use for seamless and intuitive population management, as well as advanced searches to target specific subject data points.
  • Enhanced Subject Creation and Initiation: Enhanced subject creation and SF-XX initiation processes are streamlined to maximize efficiencies and create a more agreeable end user experience.
  • Case-based Reports: Two case-based reports illustrate the lifecycle of cases in NBIS. The first will show cases on subjects affiliated with an organization, while the second will track cases initiated by an organization.

Risk Management

  • Interim/Temporary Determinations: Authorized users can make a risk-based assessment and enter an interim eligibility/determination for subjects when defined criteria are met.
  • Component Adjudications: Component adjudicators can take jurisdiction over cases and complete the adjudicative process by rendering a final determination that falls within their organization's scope and authority.
  • Screening Organizations: The screening organization provides a venue for oversight management responsibilities and large-scale population management across multiple organizations.

Industry Support

  • Facility Security Officer (FSO) Role: To support the unique needs of industry partners, DCSA has created an industry org type, along with an FSO role. The FSO role will mirror the current Subject Management role with added security that addresses privacy concerns.

continuous vetting (CV)

  • Framework CV Capabilities: DCSA has established the foundation of a Common Data Model, began integrated CV into existing engines in a phased approach, and developed alert categorization and alert structure creation.

Additional Capabilities

  • SF-85 2018: SF-85 (2018) form type is available in NBIS.
  • Reopen: Functionality activation for the Reopen status in Workflow Builder will permit authorized users to reopen cases upon closure for various quality control reasons.
  • Attachment Visibility: DCSA is creating an NBIS-level capability to set which attachment categories are visible to which service providing organizations.

NBIS Onboarding Status

DCSA facilitates onboarding to NBIS using a phased approach, designed to ensure the onboarding process to delivers the best customer experience possible. DCSA divided onboarding customer agencies into groups seven across the federal government based on size and need. If you have questions about the onboarding schedule, reach out to your Agency Liaison to confirm your group assignment.



Additional NBIS information is located at Contact the Agency Support/System Liaison Helpline at 724-794-5612 (x4600) with questions.