News | Dec. 22, 2021

New NISP eMASS System Security Plan Submission Instructions

The customized workflows within the National Industrial Security Program (NISP) instance of the Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service (eMASS) have Industry primarily conducting actions in the Control Approval Chain (CAC) and owning a very limited role in the Package Approval Chain (PAC) for Assessment and Authorization (A&A) actions.  In order to maximize Industry’s visibility into the A&A process, the NISP eMASS PAC workflows are being modified.


  1. The anticipated implementation of the modified NISP eMASS PAC Workflows is January 6, 2022. Please monitor the NISP eMASS Home Page for any updates regarding this NISP eMASS enhancement.

  2. Once the modified NISP eMASS PAC workflow implementation is complete, the PAC workflows will be initiated by Industry. 

  3. Industry will complete the following when submitting System Security Plans (SSP):  (a) Submit security controls within the CAC, and (b) Initiate the applicable PAC workflow. 

  4. Follow the directions in the NISP eMASS System Security Plan Submission Instructions posted on the eMASS [HELP] page under Organizational Artifact Templates, SOPs, and Guides.

  5. If a SSP submission was conducted prior to January 6th and the submission is still being validated by the assigned Information Systems Security Professional (ISSP)/Security Control Assessor (SCA) (i.e., the security controls are at CAC Role 2 and the ISSP has NOT initiated a PAC Workflow), Industry will need to initiate the applicable PAC Workflow to complete the A&A process.
    Note: In order to verify whether or not the assigned ISSP has initiated a PAC workflow, navigate to Workflows > Active Workflow Listing. If an ISSP initiated a PAC Workflow, it will appear and no further action is required by Industry. If an active workflow does not exist, Industry will follow the instructions in the NISP eMASS System Security Plan Submission Instructions to initiate a PAC Workflow.

  6. In order to effectively implement the new submission process, the PAC workflow will be intermittently down from January 6th and 7th. Please plan SSP submissions accordingly and coordinate with your assigned ISSP.

For additional information, please contact your assigned ISSP and/or the DCSA NAO eMASS mailbox: