News | March 25, 2022

Looking for DCSA Adjudications Information and Resources

Check out our latest resource on SCI Eligibility Process for Denials and Revocations located on the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency website at The SCI one-pager provides steps to assist the facility security officer or security manager when SCI is denied or revoked for cleared industry personnel.

In addition, we offer a robust section of Frequently Asked Questions on 'Who issues a security clearance' to 'How does the CAF determine if an individual can be granted eligibility for access to classified information and/or assignment to duties that have been designated national security sensitive' located at

We also have a variety of Adjudications communication products to include DCSA Adjudications Services, Reciprocity Guide and Program one pagers, and fact sheets covering Mental Health and Security Clearances. These informational documents are for your convenience and can easily be downloaded and printed at