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DoD Insider Threat Management and Analysis Center (DITMAC)

Mission: Provide the DoD enterprise a capability to identify, assess and mitigate risk from insiders, to oversee and manage unauthorized disclosures, and to integrate, manage, mature and professionalize InT capabilities.

DITMAC is comprised of three primary lines of business sharing the common thread of enabling the DoD Insider Threat Enterprise.

Analysis and Mitigation: Aggregate, analyze and share information to identify potential insider threats, assess risk posed by insiders, and coordinate and oversee actions by the insider threat enterprise to mitigate risk across the Department and other USG partners.

Insider Threat Enterprise Program Management Office: Collaborates across the 43 DoD Component Insider Threat programs to provide program management, integration, standardization and professionalization.

Unauthorized Disclosure (UD) Program Management Office: The DoD enterprise-level management and operational capability to improve identification, reporting, tracking and mitigation of unauthorized disclosures.

How DITMAC enables the Insider Threat Enterprise and DoD:

  • Holistic View of Risks
  • InT Knowledge Repository
  • DoD’s InT Case Management and Reporting System
  • Proactive Risk Mitigation Recommendations
  • Risk-Based Analysis
  • Identification of Shared Risk
  • InT & UD Subject Matter Expertise
  • Professionalization & Training
  • Engagement & Collaboration with Federal Partners
  • Enterprise Information Sharing Initiatives
  • Oversight and Management of UDs in DoD
  • Mature & Advance InT and UD programs
  • Annual Report to Secretary of Defense
  • Measure and Identify Enterprise Trends

No other single entity fulfills this unique role for the DoD