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The National Access Elsewhere Security Oversight Center (NAESOC) is a centralized field office, within the Capital Region, which provides consolidated, consistent oversight and security management over designated access elsewhere companies across the National Industrial Security Program.

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If your company is an access-elsewhere company, the following are two ways to determine if your company transferred to the NAESOC:

Check your National Industrial Security System (NISS) profile


Your Facility Security Officer (FSO) will receive communication from the NAESOC team via e-mail


UNDELIVERABLE EMAILS: Emails are being returned to the NAESOC as "undeliverable" or being blocked by the receiving company's firewall. Please ensure that your IT Department adds the following email boxes as safe:dcsa.dcsa-northern.dcsa.mbx.general-mailbox@mail.mil (Alias: DCSA.NAESOC.generalmailbox@mail.mil)

Non-possessing branch/division offices under the NAESOC: The NAESOC has identified non-possessing branch/division offices while conducting initial reviews of companies transferred under its purview. Per Industrial Security Letter (ISL) 2006-02 #7, non-possessing divisions do not require a Facility Clearance (FCL), except under rare circumstances. Any non-possessing branch/division office identified by the NAESOC will receive a letter of intent to administratively terminate the FCL unless justification is received by the NAESOC within 30 days. The NAESOC is committed to working with companies under its purview on the need for maintaining their FCL. For additional questions or concerns, please contact the NAESOC at DCSA.NAESOC.generalmailbox@mail.mil