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Agency News

News | Dec. 20, 2022

Coming in January: NBIS Onboarding for All of Industry

NBIS onboarding officially commenced in November 2022 for industry facilities in the DCSA Western Region.  Starting January 9th, all other Industry facilities in the remaining DCSA regions (Eastern, Central, Mid-Atlantic, as well as HQ) will be provided notification and instructions via email to DISS Account and Hierarchy Managers for organizations to begin the onboarding process into NBIS. 

Onboarding to NBIS is accomplished through the Industry Onboarding Portal (also known as NBIS ServiceNow).  One user (known as the ‘Initial’ user) from each organization will onboard through the portal.  Once provisioned and enrolled into NBIS, the initial user will be responsible for provisioning additional users within their organization. 

Once onboarded, users will validate their org hierarchy migrated from DISS and configure org workflow and user assignments.  Even after onboarding into NBIS, Industry organizations will continue utilizing DISS for all functions until further notice.  The Initiate, Review, and Authorize process will be the first NBIS capability to be adopted by Industry, but only once DCSA Vetting Risk Operations (VRO) provides notification when this can begin.

In order to gain access to NBIS, all users are required complete PII and Cybersecurity training within the last twelve months.  To prepare, all potential NBIS users are encouraged to complete the required training, especially if their PII and/or Cybersecurity training is nearing the twelve month mark.  Please refer to the “NBIS Industry Onboarding Readiness Checklist” available on the NBIS Industry Onboarding website for details on where to access these trainings and maintaining the certificates. 

After onboarding, users are reminded to login into NBIS at least once every 30 days to avoid account deactivation and monitor DISS and NBIS hierarchies for org changes.

For any questions, please email the NBIS Industry Onboarding Team at  For additional information and updates on NBIS Industry Onboarding, please visit the NBIS Industry Onboarding website.