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National Background Investigation Services (NBIS)

NBIS is the IT backbone of a radical change in how we do personnel vetting. Specifically, it is a new “federal wide information technology (IT) service which will be used to conduct suitability, security, and credentialing investigations for all federal civilians, military members, and government contractors. DISA will design, build, test, field, operate, maintain, and secure NBIS.”

NBIS is secure, faster, better: it will offer us extraordinary capabilities beyond what the vetting enterprise fields today. Those capabilities include:

  • Collect and validate submitted information;
  • Validate previous investigation;
  • Maintain end to end situational awareness and command and control;
  • Contain information on requesting and receiving agencies;
  • Process fingerprints and biometric data;
  • Integrate case management with automated workflow;
  • Provide for continuous evaluation and adjudication;
  • Display a dashboard portal-based view;
  • Provide business intelligence and advance data analytics;
  • Export data to other investigative providers; and,
  • Validate automatically data from multiple sources.

For all of us in the personnel vetting enterprise, there are many benefits to this new system. Among those benefits are a new Investigative management (IM) capability, a new Data Broker, a new Position Designation Tool (PDT) and a new Electronic Application (eApp).