Welcome to our one-stop-shop for inquiries surrounding the transition to the National Background Investigation Services (NBIS). As DCSA works to onboard agencies and industry stakeholders to the new processes and systems, we are committed to supporting you and your agency every step of the way. The transition from the legacy system to NBIS and onboarding will be done in phases over an extended period of time. This page will be regularly updated with information about the onboarding approach and will provide key requirements for you to consider.

Agency Requirements

The below list of requirements must be completed prior to agencies onboarding onto the new system:

  • Review and sign NBIS Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Evaluate agency coverage under DCSA System of Records Notice (SORN) and determine agency’s need to modify or establish its own SORN
  • Complete Personnel Security System Access Request (PSSAR) Form (DD 2962) for provisioning users
  • Verify web browsers are compatible with NBIS
  • Obtain necessary smartcard for identity authentication, such as a Common Access Card (CAC), Personal Identity Verification (PIV), or approved soft certification
  • Ensure users accessing NBIS have at minimum a T1 clearance

Each agency will undergo our three-step approach once the onboarding process begins:


During this first step, DCSA agency liaisons and the onboarding team will conduct a series of meetings with you as the FSO to develop an onboarding plan. The objectives of these discussions will be to fully understand the support you need and identify the system configuration that is most suitable to your agency. These meetings are critical to the onboarding experience and will set the foundation for the rest of the configuration process. Throughout the planning stage, we will work across multiple components of your organization to ensure our plan addresses the unique needs of your agency.

System Configuration

Once an onboarding plan is developed, the DCSA agency liaisons and the onboarding team will provide key stakeholders training, support, and guidance to ensure a successful setup in NBIS. The team of subject matter experts will work closely with you to establish system hierarchies and provision initial users into the system.


Once your agency is configured in the system, you will have the ability to access the available applications. As the gateway into the system, all agencies will receive training and support on how to navigate through and fully utilize eApp and NBIS Agency.