DCSA Customer & Stakeholder Engagements (CSE) to host Industry Background Investigations Stakeholder Group
March 10, 2023 - The DCSA Customer & Stakeholder Engagements (CSE) will be hosting the first ever Industry Background Investigations Stakeholder Group (Industry BISG) meeting on March 30th, 2023, from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM (EST) and will continue a quarterly cadence of this group meeting for all Industry Facility Security Officers and Professionals. The March meeting will be held virtually via WebEx. Please click the title for more information.

Updated sponsorship and facility clearance package submission procedures
Feb. 27, 2023 - Effective March 1, 2023, DCSA is implementing updated procedures for facility clearance (FCL) sponsorship and FCL package submissions to reduce the cycle, or re-work, between government contracting activities (GCAs) or contractors and DCSA. These changes are one of a number of initiatives DCSA is undertaking, internally and externally, to streamline the FCL process, which will ensure the fullest degree of transparency practicable during the sponsorship and FCL package processes. DCSA encourages the full utilization of available resources from DCSA by sponsors or the sponsored contractors to ensure complete and accurate packages are submitted to facilitate DCSA's efficient and thorough evaluation of each case. The reworking of packages submitted to DCSA adds significant time to case reviews and contributes to the aging of package submissions in queue. These increases in time across the FCL process severely impede the ability of GCAs to receive the goods or services required to execute their missions in a timely manner, the profitability of contractors, and the risk to national security. The cycle for sponsorship packages is, on average, 1.93 times per package with a 53% rejection rate. That number increases to 2.5 times for initial/upgrade FCL packages with a 70% rejection rate. DCSA is committed to reducing both rates, cycle and rejection, to or near 1.1 and 15%. For more details regarding sponsorship and FCL submission procedures, click the title.

Industry: Hold on Subject Management Actions in NBIS
Feb. 24, 2023 - As Industry works through the onboarding and configuration processes in the National Background Investigation Services (NBIS) system, the DCSA NBIS Industry Onboarding Team would like to remind users to refrain from taking any subject management actions in NBIS, to include creating a subject’s profile or initiating cases, until notification is provided that these actions can begin. DCSA is planning to migrate all subject information from the Defense Information System for Security (DISS) to NBIS at a later date (to be announced). Creating subjects prior to the migration effort could potentially create issues once migration from DISS to NBIS takes place, for instance, duplicate subject information. Until the migration takes place, organizations should concentrate their efforts on enrolling into NBIS and conducting the necessary validating and configuring actions to prepare for system functionality, the first of which will be case initiation. At this time, organizations should continue to use DISS for Case Initiation, Investigation Status, Visit Management, Subject Management, Eligibility Determinations, Incident Reporting, Access Management, Foreign Travel, etc. For other questions regarding the NBIS Industry Onboarding Process, please email the NBIS Industry Onboarding Team at the following mailbox: dcsa.meade.nbis.mbx.nbis-industry-onboarding-team@mail.mil. Click the title for more information.

Now Available: Org and User Management and Assignment Management Configurations webinar slides and recording
Feb. 17, 2023 - For any National Background Investigation Services Industry Users that were not able to attend or would like to refresh or review, recordings and slide decks from the live Org and User Management and Assignment Management Configurations webinars that took place in December 2022/January 2023 are now available on the NBIS Training Site: https://nbistraining.countermeasures.com/.  Once logged into the site, navigate to the "Industry Onboarding Resources" section and click "View Materials" to access the aforementioned webinar resources as well as other available webinar recordings. Be aware that the recordings and slides have not yet migrated to the Security Training, Education, and Professional Portal (STEPP) and ServiceNow.  In the interim, Industry users will want to access these on the NBIS Training Site. Note: Internal DOD users may not be able to access the Industry page on the NBIS Training Site due to firewall limitations. If you have questions, please email the NBIS Industry Onboarding Team at the NBIS Industry Onboarding Team mailbox: dcsa.meade.nbis.mbx.nbis-industry-onboarding-team@mail.mil.

Renewal of DD 441, 441-1
Feb. 2, 2023 - In December 2022, the DD Form 441, Department of Defense Security Agreement, and DD Form 441-1, Appendage to Department of Defense Security Agreement, were renewed. Previously executed versions of this form do not need to be re-signed, but the updated version should be used going forward as of this date. The updated forms can be found here: DD Form 441 DD Form 441-1 Questions can be directed to your assigned Industrial Security Representative. Click the title for more information.

What is NCCS?

The National Industrial Security Program (NISP) Contracts Classification System (NCCS) is the enterprise federal information system supporting Department of Defense, other Federal Agencies under NISP agreement, and cleared Industry. NCCS is the one-stop-shop for processing and distribution of contract security classification specifications for contracts requiring access to classified information. NCCS is designed to deliver a centralized repository for the collection of classified contract security requirements and supporting data while automating the DD Form 254 (DoD Contract Security Classification Specification) processes and workflows across the enterprise.

DCSA assumed operational control and development responsibility for NCCS from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) on October 1, 2021. NCCS was soft launched on June 6, 2022.

You'll find more information about NCCS at https://www.dcsa.mil/is/nccs. Do you have any questions? Please email us at dcsa.quantico.hq.mbx.nccs@mail.mil

The National Background Investigation Services (NBIS) is the federal government's one-stop-shop IT system for end-to-end personnel vetting - from initiation and application to background investigation, adjudication, and continuous vetting. NBIS is one consolidated system designed to deliver robust data protection, enhance customer experience, and better integrate data across the enterprise.

Still in development, DCSA assumed operational control and responsibility for NBIS from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) on October 1, 2020. NBIS will build upon and replace a suite of legacy background investigation IT systems, decommissioning them in stages through 2023. For more information, click on the NBIS  page.

 The DCSA Knowledge Centers assist customers with usage of security-related systems/applications/services. Knowledge Centers are closed on weekends and federal holidays.

Background Investigations

Customers requiring assistance with systems and services supporting the requesting, processing, and delivery of investigations.


Agency Support Helpline – System Liaison

724-794-5612, x4600


Telephone Liaisons: Case Status, Fingerprint Submission Status, File Release, SII/CVS Checks, Discontinue Investigation




Agency Training (Central Verification System, Position Designation, e-QIP)




NP2 Portal Support




All other Background Investigations points of contact click here. 


Vetting Risk Operations Center

Assist customers with usage of industrial/personnel security-related systems/applications.

Toll-Free: (888) 282-7682

Menu options:

1 - Phone support for Personnel Security Clearance Inquiries to include e-QIP are closed until further notice. For assistance with Industry Pin Resets: HANG UP and Call the Applicant Knowledge Center at 724-738-5090, or; Email DCSAAKC@mail.mil and for all other PCL related inquiries, please email the Personnel Security Clearance Questions Mailbox at dcsa.ncr.dcsa-dvd.mbx.askvroc@mail.mil.
2 - Account Lockouts and Passwords - 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time
3 - Facility Clearance Inquiries - 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time
4 - OBMS
5 - CDSE - 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Eastern Time



DoD Consolidated Adjudications Facility Call Center

Phone: 301-833-3850 (SSOs and FSOs only)
- Menu option #5/Industry

Email: whs.meade.dodcaf.mbx.dodcaf-callcenter@mail.mil.

Customer Engagements Team (CET)
Support for DISS, DCII, and SWFT systems.
Telephone: 724-794-7765
Email: dcsa.ncr.nbis.mbx.contact-center@mail.mil


On October 1, 2019, as authorized by Executive Order 13869, the missions, records, and personnel of three FOIA and Privacy offices consolidated, and the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) FOIA and Privacy Office was created.  The Office is responsible for administering policies, programs, and procedures to ensure compliance with the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. 552 and 5 U.S.C. 552a, respectively; working closely with the DCSA Senior Component Official for Privacy and Office of General Counsel. 

The office is comprised of three components, each with its own responsibilities. 

  • The DCSA FOIA and Privacy Office for Investigations is responsible for responding to Privacy Act and FOIA requests for background investigation records.
  • The DCSA FOIA and Privacy Office for Adjudications is responsible for responding to Privacy Act requests for DoD Consolidated Adjudications Facility adjudication records.
  • The DCSA FOIA and Privacy Headquarters Office is primarily responsible for responding to the following types of requests: DCSA affiliated Human Resources and/or Hiring Actions; DCSA Inspector General Investigations; and Statements of Work / Contracts.

More information about the DCSA FOIA and Privacy Program can be found on our homepage at: https://www.dcsa.mil/contact/foia/foip/.

DCSA Special Agents and contract Investigators carry credentials identifying them as representatives of DCSA. They will present their credentials upon introduction. However, if you are unsure of the individual contacting you on behalf of DCSA, please call the Investigator Verification Hotline at 724-794-7186 or email: dcsa.boyers.bi.mbx.investigator-verifications@mail.milto verify the identity of our field staff. Your calls and emails will be answered between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday-Friday. At all other times you can leave a message, which will be answered on the next business day. Please note: DCSA can only verify the identities of DCSA Investigators and cannot provide a status of your investigation or your clearance. Further details to verify the identity of your investigator are available at: https://www.dcsa.mil/mc/pv/mbi/vi/


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