NBIS eApp & NBIS Agency

NBIS eApp (electronic application) and NBIS Agency are the new entry points for background investigation applications and are replacing eQIP as the system for initiating investigations. eApp contains the investigative Standard Forms (SF) federal applicants and employees use to input information required process their personnel background investigation. As a single-page solution, based on modern, simple design elements, eApp makes the application process more intuitive and easier to use for applicants initiating a background investigation.

Individuals who have been asked to fill out an investigative form should access the eApp (for Applicants) above to begin the process.

NBIS Agency is the new application allowing security managers (SSO/FSO) to process background applications and manage them through the investigations’ process.

Introduction to NBIS eApp
NBIS eApp walkthru

DCSA teams are available to assist applicants using eApp to complete their investigative form, as well as agencies transitioning from eQIP to eApp:

For applicant support, contact us at:


For NBIS Agency user support, contact us at:


For NBIS Industry/FSOs support, contact the Customer Engagement Team at: