Defense Information System for Security (DISS)

DISS serves as the enterprise-wide solution for personnel security, suitability, and credentialing management for DoD military, civilian, and contractors. DISS replaced the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) as the System of Record on March 31, 2021. An innovative, web-based application, the platform provides secure communications between adjudicators, security officers, and components, allowing users to request, record, document, and identify personnel security actions. DISS will be an integral step toward the National Background Investigation Services (NBIS) platform currently in development and full implementation of the government-wide policy to overhaul the personnel vetting process known as Trusted Workforce 2.0.

Planned System Outages

  • PROD Full Outage Java, WebLogic and Database Patching- 08/09/2023 1800 to 08/10/2023 0200 EST

  • PROD Full Outage RHEL OS Patching - 08/23/2023 1800 to 2300 EST

  • PROD Deployment of 13.20.0 - 09/14/2023 1815 to 09/15/2023 0600 EDT

  • PROD Full Outage RHEL OS Patching - 09/27/2023 1800 to 2300 EST

  • PROD Full Outage RHEL OS Patching - 10/18/2023 1800 to 2300 EST

  • PROD Deployment of 13.21.0 - 10/19/2023 1815 to 10/20/2023 0600 EDT

Sub-System of DISS

Case Adjudication Tracking System (CATS) performs electronic and human adjudication functions, automating record-keeping for security clearances, HSPD-12, military fitness, and suitability determinations.

Joint Verification System (JVS) enables DoD professionals to document security clearance access and verify eligibility determinations.

Appeals supports the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) and the Personnel Security Appeals Board (PSAB) with completing due process for subjects appealing adjudicative determinations.

NBIS Training Resources Migrating to ServiceNow

NBIS training resources aer migrating from the CounterMeasures to ServiceNow.

When users have a registered account and have logged in, they will be redirected to the ServiceNow homepage:

  • Once logged in and on the homepage, users should go to

  • Select the 'Tour' tab in the top right, which provides a guided walkthrough of the training resources available.

Industry partners can find training materials including job aids, knowledge articles, e-learnings, and video shorts. The knowledge articles provide a direct link to the e-learnings, video shorts, and interactive events on the STEPP NBIS homepage. New training content and registration for upcoming live events are added regularly.

Please Note: Access to ServiceNow and STEPP requres two separate and active accounts. If users have not done so, they are encouraged to set up their perspective accounts.

DISS Release 13.18.0 Announcement

As part of the ongoing rollout of user-focused improvements to the Defense Information System for Security (DISS), DCSA deployed Release 13.18.0 on Thursday May 18, 2023. Release 13.18.0 provides system enhancements and fixes. See the Release Notes, About Tabs, and User Manuals for all enhancements and fixes and more information regarding them.  Some highlights are:

Joint Verification System (JVS):

  • Added suffix and comments fields for Add Foreign Contact or Relative 

  • Servicing Relationship(s) can be properly removed 

  • Security Officer comments will remain visible in Interim SCI CSR 

  • RFA Inbox Report will properly execute 

  • CE enrollment/unenrollment data logic updated on KMP Report and Periodic Reinvestigation to match Subject Report

  • Extra Spaces addressed in Subject Report, User Roles and Optional Permissions Report and Hosting Visit Report

  • The JVS User Manual is available within the JVS application. Once logged into JVS, select the Help link and you will be redirected to the JVS User Manual.

Case Adjudication Tracking System (CATS):

  • Added suffix and comments fields for Add Foreign Contact or Relative 

  • CSR Create Case panel updated for CSR Reciprocity, CSR Reconsideration, and CSR Upgrade Eligibility 

  • Case Status of Human Interim added to Unassigned Case Report 

  • TS/SCI case types are associated with and can be selected for SBPR and PPR investigation types 

  • SMO user comments display on CSR Interim SCI Eligibility

  • The CATS User Manual is available within the CATS application. Once logged into CATS, select the Help link and you will be redirected to the CATS User Manual.

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