NCCA Calendars

NCCA courses are available to federal personnel. These courses are also offered to state and local law enforcement personnel on a space available and cost reimbursable basis. Individuals not meeting these criteria should visit the American Polygraph Association (APA) home page. The APA homepage has information regarding private schools. Please contact for any questions regarding NCCA courses.

NCCA Training Calendar 2024

Date Event
March 29  PDD Class 24-1 Graduation 
April 22-24  Level 1 Investigative Interviewing Course, NCCA 
April 23  PDD Class 24-2 Begins 
May 3  Student Allocation Enrollment Deadline for PDD 24-3 
May 6-10  Countermeasures I Course, NCCA 
June 25  Open Enrollment Deadline for PDD 24-3 
July 12  PDD Class 24-2 Graduation 
July 22-24  Senior Examiners’ Course, NCCA 
August 5-9  Federal Interagency Polygraph Seminar, virtual 
August 12-16  Countermeasures I (NSA only), NCR 
August 13  PDD Class 24-3 Begins 
August 20-21  Program Manager’s Course, NCCA 
November 1  PDD Class 24-3 Graduation 
November 5-7  Quality Control Course, NCCA 
November 12  Student Allocation Enrollment Deadline for PDD 25-1 
November 18-22  Countermeasures I Course, NCCA 
November 25 Open Enrollment Deadline for PDD 25-1