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The DCSA Symbol

The DCSA symbol is derived from the seal much the way Armed Services deriver their symbols. The simplified eagle from the seal holding the portcullis reinforces DCSA's role as America's gatekeeper. The DCSA symbol furthers the reach and versatility of DCSA's brand by offering external audiences a simpler, more memorable visual. Designed for clarity, the simplicity of the design to allows it to stand out in ways the seal cannot. The symbol should not be embellished or edited in any way.

The DCSA Seal

From the United States Army Institute of Heraldry - The portcullis, a massive metal gate used to protect and secure castles during times of attack, symbolizes the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency's mission of defending the nation. The eagle, a symbol of the United States, is in flight lifting and lowering the portcullis using its chains, which personifies the gatekeeping function of the organization; denying or granting entry to the continuous flow of classified information, materials, technology, and personnel seeking access to federal agencies. This flow is characterized by the series of wavy lines on the shield. The three arrowheads at the base of the portcullis are adapted from the seal of the Department of Defense and represent the Armed Services, specifically the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The wreath of laurel and olive is derived from the Department of Defense seal and connotes merit and peace, respectively. The rays emitting from the center signify a new day and therefore the birth of a new organization. The thirteen gold stars, also adapted from the Department of Defense seal, represent Congress. Dark Blue refers to the United States; Bluebird is associated with the Department of Defense. White signifies deeds worthy of remembrance. Gold is indicative of zeal and achievement.