SEAD 3 Unofficial Foreign Travel Reporting

On February 24, 2021, the NISPOM Rule became effective.  The rule includes reporting requirements outlined in Security Executive Agent Directive 3 or SEAD 3, “Reporting Requirement for Personnel Who Access Classified Information and Hold a Sensitive Position.”  A key reportable activity of SEAD 3 is foreign travel.  Early on, DoD in coordination with industry acknowledged the challenges for cleared industry with over 1-million cleared employees across 12,000 cleared facilities to individually submit in the system of record, which is currently the Defense Information System for Security  (DISS), the thousands of reports of foreign travel and the impact of those reports on contractor cleared employees and security staff.

DCSA, who is responsible for DISS, took on the challenge to create a tool to minimize the impact of reporting foreign travel as required by SEAD 3. In order to allow time for the development of the capabilities and tools, DoD amended the NISPOM Rule to extend the compliance date for foreign travel reporting until no later than 18 months from the effective date of the rule for those contractors under DoD security cognizance. 

The capabilities to submit bulk foreign travel are now available in DISS which supports the requirement for foreign travel reporting beginning on August 24, 2022.  In the section of this page titled “Resources” you will find several links to assist cleared contractors and their employees better understand the unofficial foreign travel reporting requirements, process and tools.  

USE OF BULK UPLOAD TOOL: Contractors who choose to utilize the bulk upload tool will submit foreign travel of cleared employees at intervals not to exceed 30 days.  Cleared employees are still required to report foreign travel to their FSO in accordance with the guidelines and timelines outlined in SEAD 3 and further clarified in the SEAD 3 ISL.

NOTE: Cleared industry under DoD cognizance should consult with their government customers for any additional foreign travel reporting requirements for those personnel who have SCI or SAP access and/or additional contractual reporting requirements.