Industrial Security

At DCSA, we serve as the Cognizant Security Office for the DoD portion of the National Industrial Security Program on behalf of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security. We oversee the protection of classified U.S. Government and foreign government information, technologies, and material entrusted to cleared industry. With this responsibility, we run the National Industrial Security Program (NISP) on behalf of the Department of Defense and 35 other federal agencies.

Protecting Information, Technology and Materials

Industrial Security manages the NISP mission for DCSA by reviewing contractors for the granting of facility clearances, authorizing information systems that process classified information, mitigating FOCI, providing related security services, and managing mission requirements for oversight of cleared contractors. Through daily oversight, advice, and assistance, DCSA connects engages with Federal Government entities and cleared companies. There are about 10,000 cleared companies and 12,500 cleared facilities.
We inspect and monitor companies that require access to or possess—classified information and controlled unclassified information associated with DoD classified contracts. These companies produce critical technology and provide services for the Department of Defense. Without security safeguards, our adversaries might get access and disrupt our nation's military and economic competitive advantages.