What is the Defense Information System for Security?

DISS serves as the system of record for personnel security, suitability, and credential management of all DOD employees, military personnel, civilians, and DOD contractors. DISS also provides secure communications between Adjudicators, Security Officers, and Component Adjudicators in support of eligibility and access management.

How do I get a DISS account?

Please reach out to the following email,
dcsa.eastern.dcsa-dvd.mbx.diss-provisioning@mail.mil and provide them with your completed PSSAR form and required training certificates.

Please refer to the attached document named “2020 FAQ DISS JVS Industry PSAARs” for guidance on how to properly fill out the PSSAR.

Additional DISS processing information can be found on the DISS Resources website, https://www.dcsa.mil/is/diss/dissresources/

There are two options for obtaining Cyber Security Awareness/Information Assurance completion certificates:
1. Cyber Awareness Challenge - https://public.cyber.mil/training/cyber‐awareness‐challenge/ (After you get to the DISAwebsite you may need to click on Training and then click on Cyber Awareness Challenge).
2. Annual security training provided by the cleared service/company/agency.

There are two options for obtaining Personally Identifiable Information (PII) completion certificates:
1. https://public.cyber.mil/training/identifying‐and‐safeguarding‐personally‐identifiable‐information‐pii/
2. http://www.cdse.edu/catalog/elearning/DS‐IF101.html (you need a STEPP account)

Add a password to Adobe Acrobat (pdf)
Open the PDF and choose Tools > Protect > Encrypt > Encrypt with Password. If you receive a prompt, click Yes to change the security. Select Require a Password to Open the Document, then type the password in the corresponding field.

**Please email the password to the above-mentioned email address in a separate email. This will allow us to open and process the file.

What is required for access authorizations for DISS?

A minimum of interim secret eligibility is required to access DISS. Account Managers within each Component/Agency/Company will determine the specific DISS customer user base and assign user roles based on Component/Agency/Company guidance and responsibilities.

What are the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) requirements for DISS?

Each DISS user will be required to have a DoD approved Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate smartcard/token in the form of a Common Access Card (CAC), Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card, or authorized External Certificate Authority (ECA) certificate.

Will I need to register my CAC or PIV?

Yes, the registration process must be completed every time you get a new or replacement CAC or PIV. The Hierarchy/Account Manager or the DCSA CET will need to generate a new password. The pre-established registration user id and the newly generated password should be sent to the user. Thereafter, the user should re-register using the steps outlined below:

  1. Select their Certificate.
  2. Click on the login button and you will be redirected to the User Registration Page.
  3. Enter the pre-established user id and the newly generated password and click register.

The Hierarchy/Account Manager or the DCSA CET will need to generate a new password.

What are the web browser requirements for DISS?

Each DISS user will be required to have a Web browser with Microsoft Edge, Firefox 11 or above, or Google Chrome. Government approved encryption is required.