Why was NCCS created?

Mandated by FAR 4.402, effective August 3, 2020, NCCS was designed to improve upon the processing of the DD Form 254. NCCS replaces the need for PDF processing of the DD Form 254, and provides an automated solution for collection, retrieval and management of the DD Form 254. NCCS will: Serve as a centralized repository for all DD Form 254s Fully integrate an automated workflow for processing the DD Form 254 Retrieve real-time statuses of DD Form 254 submissions, reviews, approvals, clarification, and/or rejection of request Provide oversight of all DD Form 254s, including subcontracts across the DoD, Federal Agencies under NISP agreement, and Industry

When will NCCS be released?

NCCS 2.0 was soft launched on June 6, 2022. The soft launch NCCS 2.0 is an early version of the software to deliver basic capabilities to users to evaluate and provide feedback on. The soft launch activities and feedback will help shape the scope and design for the first official release later this year.

How will NCCS change the way we do business?

NCCS improves efficiency by automating manual practices and removing paper from the DD Form 254 process. NCCS will provide enhanced user experience (UX) and increase visibility into DD Form 254 status. NCCS will also provide enhanced oversight to contracts across agency purview, including subcontracts.

Where is NCCS hosted?

NCCS is hosted on a secured cloud architecture that provides security, privacy, and data protection in a functional design.

What is the onboarding process like?

As DCSA onboards agencies to NCCS, we are committed to supporting them every step of the way. To begin onboarding to NCCS, agencies must first gain access to the hosting platform. To gain access agencies must complete the following: SAARs can be submitted to the NCCS team at: Once onboarded to the main platform users will gain access to the NCCS application where they will submit more detailed information regarding their agency hierarchy, and select their user roles within the NCCS for final approval. Identify an Agency Onboarding Champion to serve as the main point of contact (POC) and sponsor throughout the Onboarding process Confirm your agency has access to a compatible internet browser (i.e., the three most recent versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge) Ensure individuals have a minimum of an adjudicated T1 investigation. Confirm individuals have the necessary smartcard for identity authentication that performs a trusted, PKI certification in compliance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (e.g., Common Access Card (CAC), Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Card) Complete System Access Request (SAAR) form (DD2875) for user account creation.  Government SAAR Template (please post this) Complete DoD-sponsored Cybersecurity training within past 12 months

Who do I contact for more information?

Please email us at