Personnel Security

Our Mission

The Personnel Security (PS) Directorate conducts risk management activities with respect to the U.S. Government’s workforce through investigations, screening, adjudications, vetted workforce data repository maintenance, and other vetting and personnel security management services.

What We Do

At DCSA, we’re the primary investigative service provider (ISP) for the federal government. We conduct 95% of all background investigations for more than 100 agencies.
Our personnel security operations include:

  • Federal background investigations program
  • Adjudications for the Department of Defense
  • Continuous evaluation/vetting for the Department of Defense
  • Insider threat analysis for the Department of Defense 

Explore the background investigation process below:

A flow diagram beginning with an Initiation stage, where an applicant submits an electronic questionnaire. The initiating agency will determine the investigation required. Next, in the Investigation stage an investigation is scheduled, where automated record checks begin and fieldwork is assigned. In the final stage, agencies report adjudications into a repository and then applicable cases are enrolled in the continuous vetting process.