David M. Cattler


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Daniel J. Lecce

Deputy Director

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Ellen M. Ardrey

Chief of Staff

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Core Mission Areas


Dr. Mark A. Livingston

Assistant Director Personnel Security


Matthew D. Redding

Assistant Director, Industrial Security


Andrew J. Lochli

Assistant Director, Counterintelligence and Insider Threat


Kevin J. Jones

Assistant Director, Security Training


Larry Vincent

Assistant Director, Field Operations

Mission Support and Enablers


Zack E. Gaddy

Chief Financial Officer


Jeanette M. Duncan

Chief Information Officer


Scott L. Stallsmith

Contracting and Procurement Office


Wallace D. Coggins

Chief Strategy Officer


Richard M. Rennolds

Human Capital Management Officer


Zack V. Vaughn

Office of Research and Innovation


Edward Lane

Program Executive Officer


Ruby Crenshaw-Lawrence

Small Business & Industry Engagement


Edward J. Fish

Security Programs


Robin G. Gentry

Logistics Management Office


Robert "Rob" Schadey

National Background Investigation Services Program Manager


Special Staff


Timothy A. Crawford

Senior Intelligence Oversight Official


Jay P. Fraude

Office of General Counsel


Mohammed B. Kabir

Diversity & Equal Opportunity Office


Philip W. Kroop

Office of the Inspector General


Juli A. MacDonald

Office of Communications & Congressional Affairs


Charles D. Watters

Privacy, Civil Liberties, and Freedom of Information Office