News | Aug. 18, 2021


DCSA has successfully deployed Release 3.1 of the National Background Investigation Services (NBIS). A follow up to Release 3.0, this release adds capability expansion on the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System (JWICS) and enables high side case management for Continuous Vetting (CV). Now considered an initial minimal viable product (MVP), this release builds a foundational infrastructure for NBIS, bringing with it a speed to market of unprecedented capabilities delivered in an unprecedented delivery window. This release is part of an ongoing rollout of iterative, frequent releases to ensure that all functionalities receive appropriate user acceptance testing with adequate feedback loops. Capabilities include:

NBIS Expansion on JWICS

  • Cloud Computing: Cloud computing capabilities to better support operational workload.
  • Searchable Repository: Single search pane of aggregated personnel vetting data for easy discoverability.
  • System Data Ingest: Big data platform increases precision and eliminates opportunities for errors associated with manual input.
  • Data Management: Case management application automatically aggregates and provides data structure through an organization, management, and storage format that enables efficient access and discoverability.
  • Alert Management: Ability to receive and ingest Director of National Intelligence Continuous Evaluation System (DNI-CES) High Side Alerts (JWICS) to support CE/CV workflows. Automated Records Checks (ARCs) allow progress to Trusted Workforce 1.5.


  • Consolidated Capabilities: NBIS allows a wide range of consolidated capabilities and functionalities, streamlined workflows and increased productivity throughout the vetting and screening process.
  • Increased Automation: Increased automation merges and simplifies several stove-piped workflows in external platforms, encouraging collaboration and information sharing to enhance mission support.
  • Fully Auditable: The CV high side application can leverage Attribute Based Access Control / Role Based Access Control (ABAC/RBAC) to track keystrokes.
  • Reporting: NBIS allows five levels of metrics for stronger and faster reporting with increased Vetting Risk Operations (VRO) support in the transition to Continuous Vetting.

nbis onboarding status

DCSA facilitates onboarding to NBIS using a phased approach, designed to ensure the onboarding process to delivers the best customer experience possible. DCSA divided onboarding customer agencies into groups across the federal government based on size and need. If you have questions about the onboarding schedule, reach out to your Agency Liaison to confirm your group assignment.


Additional NBIS information is located at Contact the Agency Support/System Liaison Helpline at 724-794-5612 (x4600) with questions.