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The Department of Defense (DoD) relies on the DCSA to clear the facilities, people, and systems used to keep our nation safe.
We are currently seeking exceptional candidates to fill mission critical positions in the areas of:

Background Adjudicators

Apply regulations, executive orders, and governmental directives to assess an individual’s loyalty, trustworthiness, and reliability in determining eligibility for access to sensitive or classified information and materials.

Background Investigators

Conduct interviews and background checks to determine suitability of persons who require access to sensitive or classified information.

Center for Development of Security Excellence Professionals

Provide security education, training, and professionalization products and services to security professionals.

Counterintelligence Professionals

Keep sensitive and classified information and technologies out of the hands of our nation’s adversaries.

Industrial Security Policy Specialists

Develop, manage, and coordinate policy that supports the DCSA mission.

Industrial Security Representatives

Provide oversight, advice, assistance, and determine the ability of companies to protect classified information.

Information System Security Professionals

Play a major role in identifying potential threats and intrusions of Information Technology (IT) systems by our adversaries.

Insider Threat Professionals

Detect, deter, and mitigate the actions of trusted insiders seeking to harm DoD’s people and resources.

Personnel Security Specialists

Ensure that only trustworthy people gain access to classified information.

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