Security & Education Training Systems (SETS) 


SETS provides program management for the development and sustainment of the portfolio of system capabilities that enable the security education and training of DoD and other Mission Partner Workforce.

Mission. To provide program management services towards the efficient and effective acquisition, development and sustainment pathway of the portfolio of Information Technology material solutions that enable DCSA

Vision. SETS users and stakeholders have the tools necessary to achieve their clear vision for the future state of security training, education, certification, and research programs.


Envisioned SETS Capabilities

Learner Management: Provision of capabilities that facilitates the completion of: Student Administration, Course Administration, Enrollment, and Enrollment Reporting responsibilities. 

Content Management: Capabilities that facilitates and integrates the authoring or creation, publishing, storing, and searching libraries for use within one of more channels to include virtual AND physical environments.

Content Delivery: Capabilities that facilitates getting standard curriculum artifacts to the learner directly or indirectly.


Classroom Collaboration: Capabilities that promote and encourage collaboration amongst different learning participants including students and instructors. These capabilities may be used as a support to a physical in-person experience or to establish a virtual learning environment (VLE) that facilitates synchronous or asynchronous learning.