Investigator Identification Verification, Email Request for information and Complaints

Verifying the Identity of your Investigator

DCSA Special Agents and contract Investigators carry credentials identifying them as representatives of DCSA. They will present their credentials upon introduction. Further questions related to an Agent’s/Investigator’s identity or status should be directed to DCSA  Security:

Investigator Verification Hotline at 724-794-7186

Your calls and emails will be answered between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday-Friday. At all other times you can leave a message, which will be answered on the next business day.

DCSA uses a number of contractors to help support DCSA's mission, with which you may come into contact. See our list of current contractors on the next tab, which may help you feel more comfortable interacting with DCSA. Security cannot validate investigators retained by other local, state or federal agencies. We recommend that you ask that agency or investigator for further guidance. DCSA Security cannot provide you the status of your investigation or a copy of your background investigation. Those inquiries should be directed to the DCSA FOIPA Office,

How Investigators May Interact with You

Investigators doing personnel security or suitability background investigations are authorized to call, email and text you in order to facilitate interviews or gather additional pieces of information after the initial interview. Additionally, investigators are authorized to conduct telephonic interviews in accordance with DCSA policy. We are aware that verifying the authenticity of an email or online scheduling tool can be alarming, so please check out our email and online tool verification page to help you feel more comfortable with this process. Again, if you are concerned about the identity of the person contacting you, please call the Investigator Verification Hotline at 724-794-7186 or send an email to:

Verify the Authenticity of an Email Request for an Interview or Information

DCSA uses a number of contractors to help support DCSA's mission. As of November 2018, listed below are the contractors that you many come into contact with in the process of an employment background investigation. Please also note that these contractors may subcontract, however, those subcontractors are supposed to also identify themselves with the main contractor that has the contracting relationship with DCSA. A number of these contractors use email and online scheduling tools to help facilitate the investigations process.

  • CACI
  • Paragon
  • Peraton

If you are still unsure of the individual contacting you on behalf of DCSA, please call the Investigator Verification Hotline at 724-794-7186 or email:: to verify the identity of our field staff.

Concerns about DCSA Investigators

If you have a concern or want to report an issue with a Special Agent or Investigator that contacted you about your or someone else's investigation, you may report that complaint to the DCSA Office of Inspector General Hotline at: