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News | March 27, 2023

DISS Release 13.17 updates CV reason codes

Defense Information System for Security (DISS) release 13.17 includes an update to the Continuous Vetting (CV) reason codes on the user interface and reports. Records that had "Other" or "Deferred" will now be reflected as "Enrolled." Within the Joint Verification System (JVS) User Interface (UI), users will see CV enrollment statuses of Enrolled, Unenrolled and No Records Found. The corresponding date associated with the Enrolled or Unenrolled will also be visible. No Records Found indicates the individual is not enrolled in CV. Reports in JVS and CATS will display CV Status (e.g. Enrolled, Unenrolled, or Never Enrolled) and date. In reports, Never Enrolled is the status for No Records Found. If you have any questions, please contact