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NOTICE to Cleared Industry UPDATE (March 20, 2020)


The unique challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, including managing unprecedented security challenges will take the collective efforts of both government and industry.  Please continue to share with us your challenges and working together we will work out solutions.

Facility Clearance Inquiries (Option 3 of the DCSA Knowledge Center) will be suspended until further notice.  Status inquiries can be obtained by leaving a detailed voicemail message (on the Knowledge Center voice mail) or sending a detailed email to the Facility Clearance Branch (FCB) mailbox at dcsa.fcb@mail.mil.  Please include your Facility CAGE Code and name for all status inquiries.  All messages will be returned within one day.

DCSA will extend all Authorizations to Operate (ATOs) expiring before April 18, 2020 for an additional 90 days.  This will allow DCSA to work with Industry to ensure operations to support the warfighter and classified programs are sustained.  The following guidance from the DCSA Assessment and Authorization Process Manual (DAAPM) is also provided:

Assess and Authorize Activities (DAAPM 2.1)

Security Control Assessment (SCA) activity will continue to occur.  The onsite portion of the SCA activity will be delayed, deferred, or rescheduled.  Documenting evidence of security and validation requirements remain unchanged; only the execution of onsite activity will change temporarily.

Audit Variances (DAAPM 12)

During periods of system inactivity (e.g., hibernation) or when a facility plans to stop work for an extended period of time (e.g., holiday shutdowns), an audit variance may be authorized.  Periods of hibernation will not exceed 180 days without Regional Authorizing Official approval.  When requesting an audit variance, Industry must have a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in place that specifies how the system will be protected during a dormant state.  The SOP will include a process for protecting the system through the use of physical security controls (e.g., seals, locks, alarms, and GSA-approved containers), technical controls (e.g., whole disk encryption, disabled accounts, and audit logs), and immediate patching/ updates upon return to service.  The audit variance will be authorized via the security plan (i.e., added as a supporting artifact).  Industry is required to maintain a log of audit variance activities on-site.  Audit variance documentation will be assessed during the ESVA and other engagement activities (e.g., Advise & Assist visits, periodic communications, etc.).

Recognizing the unique, fast-paced circumstances, DCSA will work with our industry partners who may not have had time to completely document and submit procedures to ensure safety and security.  Your local Counterintelligence Special Agent (CISA), Information Systems Security Professional (ISSP), and Industrial Security Representative (ISR) remain your first points of contact. 

New DCSA Director named March 17, 2020
March 18, 2020 - On March 16, 2020, the Department of Defense announced William (Bill) K. Lietzau as the new Director of the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA).

Industry e-QIP reset request update
March 18, 2020 - Reminder, when submitting e-QIP reset requests to the DCSA email box, please include the following information to ensure timely processing of your request: Individual's Name (First, Middle and Last Name), Facility CAGE Code or Date of Birth, and the DoD EDI PN Number (located under the SSN) in JPAS. Thank you.

Personnel Inquiries closure
March 17, 2020 - Knowledge Center- In order to make the Vetting Risk Operations Center workforce adjustments during the COVID-19 pandemic, effective March 18, 2020, Personnel Security Inquiries (option 1/option 2) of the DCSA Knowledge Center will be suspended until further notice; We will continue to provide status updates via DISS Customer Service Requests and VROC email dcsa.ncr.dcsa-dvd.mbx.askvroc@mail.mil. We are requesting your patience and commitment to only submit priority status requests as our focus will be reducing our current inventories. Additionally, e-QIP PIN reset (option 1/option 1) will transition on March 19, 2020 to email requests only via dcsa.ncr.dcsa.mbx.vroc-e-qip@mail.mil E-QIP email requests will be monitored hourly for a timely response.

What the FTC is Doing
March 13, 2020 - The FTC and FDA have jointly issued warning letters to seven sellers of unapproved and misbranded products, claiming they can treat or prevent the Coronavirus. The companies' products include teas, essential oils, and colloidal silver. Click the title to read more...

The 2019 "Targeting U.S. Technologies" report now available
Feb. 25, 2020 - The DCSA Counterintelligence annual report, "Targeting U.S. Technologies: A Report of Foreign Targeting of Cleared Industry," is now available. This product details and enumerates cleared industry's reporting of suspicious contact reports that represent potential foreign intelligence entities attempts to illicitly acquire U.S. technologies resident in cleared industry. You can click the title of this article to read the report.