Adjudication and Vetting Services (AVS)

Vetting Risk Operations (VRO)

Effective Oct. 1, 2023, the DCSA CAS Call Center will provide information and/or assistance regarding industrial personnel security clearances and status inquiries to Industry Facility Security Officers (FSO). The DCSA CAS Call Center is available Mon-Fri from 0630 a.m. - 1700 p.m. EST to answer phone and email inquiries from FSOs only. 

For inquiries please contact:


Fax: 443-661-1140

Fax Via Email:
Fax via email to Password protect the file in the first email and send the actual password in a separate email to

For faster processing, please include the Facility Name and the CAGE CODE in the subject line and the subject's name and the issue within the body of the email. For example: Subject line- Your Company, Inc. -12345. Body: John Doe – Status of the adjudication, RRU, Investigation etc.

For additional information or assistance regarding industrial clearances, investigations, and adjudications, please contact the Knowledge Center.