Office of Inspector General (OIG)

Office of Inspector General (OIG)

The primary mission of the DCSA IG is to promote integrity, efficiency, effectiveness and economy, and to detect and deter fraud, waste, and abuse in support of DCSA's value of unwavering integrity through an ethical and accountable workforce. 

What to Report to DCSA OIG

  • Allegations of misconduct by a DCSA employee or contractor.

  • Concerns about your personnel security clearance investigation or adjudication due process.

  • Misconduct allegations concerning cleared industry.

  • Requests for assistance or to report a concern about DCSA operations, processes, or programs.

How to Report a Concern to DCSA OIG

Go to, click on Request a Service at the top right of the page, and select Report a Concern to OIG. If on a mobile device, click on the dropdown menu icon at the top right-side of the screen, then select Request a Service and Report a Concern to OIG. Fill out the form supplied. A confirmation of submission will be supplied if the attempt was successful.

You can also explore the following resources or email or call the OIG Hotline below:

1-855-865-1508 (toll-free)

Or for concerns involving SECRET information, please email the address below.

NOTE: Only classified information should be sent to this email address.

Read before filing
Privacy, Civil Liberties, and FOIA
U.S Office of Special Counsel

Matters Not Within the Purview of DCSA OIG

  • Personal misconduct allegations against non-DCSA employees or contractors. These concerns should be reported to the individual's employer.

  • Non-DCSA Employment matters. These concerns should be reported directly to the individual's employer.

  • Concerns about Agencies other than DCSA or non-DoD Agency operations, processes, or programs. For DoD agencies, you may contact the agency IG office or the DoD IG. For non-DoD agencies, please contact the agency IG directly.

  • Discrimination Complaints should be directed to your employer's Equal Employment Office.

  • Record requests. Please see FOIA FAQs for instructions on requesting official DCSA records.

  • Whistleblower Reprisal Allegations. DoD IG and the Office of Special Counsel are tasked with investigating whistleblower reprisal allegations. Please visit or for more information.


DCSA Investigator Verification

Both Federal and contract Investigators carry credentials identifying them as representatives of DCSA. They should present their credentials upon introduction. Further questions related to an Investigator's identity or status should be directed to the DCSA Investigator Verification Hotline at 878-274-1186 or emailed to:

U.S Military Inspector General

If your concerns are regarding a member of the U.S. military service, please contact the command or local IG to request assistance. In most instances, the local Inspector General has direct cognizance, purview, and oversight over programs, personnel, and operations over a specific U.S. Military branch. The local Inspector General may be able to guide you to other channels for resolution.

Department of the Army Inspector General (DAIG)
Inspector General of the Marine Corps (IGMC)
Office of the Naval Inspector General (NAVIG)
Department of the Air Force IG (DAF IG)