Position Designation, Validate Need & Correction Requests

Position Designation

Investigation type, standard form type, and additional documents DCSA requires to conduct an investigation stem from position designation. The position designation is derived from the designation of a position’s assessed risk and national security sensitivity. Correct position designation is essential to the standardization of the investigation request process and reciprocity.

Using a position description and the hardcopy Position Designation System or Automated Tool, will provide you with the investigation type and form type needed for that specific position. However, it is important to note that accurate position designation requires precise and up-to-date position descriptions.

Position designation guidelines were initially created by OPM and implemented by the Federal Government in 2008 in order to support security and suitability reform efforts originating from the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 (IRTPA). For more information on position designation, view the Position Designation System document.

Validate Need

Validating the need for an investigation is the act of properly designating a position and practicing reciprocity as introduced in E.O. 13467 and subsequently outlined in E.O. 13488, FIN 9-06 , FIN 10-04 , FIN 11-04, FIN 12-01 , and 5 CFR 731 and 5 CFR part 1400. Before an investigation is requested from DCSA the requestor must check the Central Verification System (CVS) to see if a previous investigation meets the current position's requirements.

While initiating an individual’s e-QIP request, an agency can utilize the validate need function within e-QIP to do a general check of CVS, which will check to see if there are any closed investigations within the last 5 years that meet or exceed what is being requested. For more information on this function, please see the “Initiating a Request” job aid in the NP2 Portal Library.

Additional information on this website outlines the forms and documents required by DCSA to request an investigation. The forms are submitted after the position has been designated with the correct risk and sensitivity level and the need for an investigation has been validated.

Position Designation Investigation Type Chart

Correction Requests

In order to avoid delays in processing investigation requests, it is important to verify the correct PII is reflected in DCSA’s systems of record. If a SAC (Case Type 92) was submitted with incorrect PII, submit documentation to validate the subject’s PII as part of the new e-QIP submission or request a correction for the SAC prior to submitting your investigation request. Send a message in NP2 to (S) FISCTR Boyers Corrections Tech (NTC), call 878-274-1138, or fax 724-794-1459. Provide one of the following data points:

  • Case or Request Number

  • Social Security Number

  • Subject’s first and last name

Identify the requested correction and the reason for the change. In addition, provide documentation to support the correction. Provide Agency SON/SOI.