Special Agreement Checks (SACs)

SAC availability, codes, and pricing for the current fiscal year can be found on the DCSA Billing Rates. The INV Form 86C can be used to request a number of DCSA's National Agency Checks as Special Agreement Checks, case type 92. The requesting agency is expected to have on file, or know that DCSA has on file from a prior investigation, a valid signed release for the individual in which the SAC product is being requested. Fingerprint requests are also considered a SAC product. For more information on submitting fingerprints, see specific instructions on the “Fingerprints” tab on this page.

Note: By submitting an investigative request using the INV Form 86C, the agency is acknowledging that the fees associated with the SAC request have been approved by the agency. Additionally, the Periodic Assessment SAC and National Crime Information Center/Interstate Identification Index SAC require Special Agreements with DCSA before an agency can begin requesting them. Contact DCSA at 878-274-1171 (option 3 for e-QIP) to initiate a special agreement.

Reimbursable Suitability/Security Investigation (RSI)

An RSI can be requested in order to expand on issues or to obtain additional coverage where appropriate. DCSA must also be in possession or receipt of a complete SF 85, SF 85P, SF 85P-S, or SF 86, including a signed Signature Form/Certification and a signed Authorization for Release of Information. For directions on how to submit RSI requests via the NP2 Portal using FIPC Form 554, please visit the DCSA Reopen and RSI webpage. Questions regarding the submission or pricing for the RSI product should be directed to DCSA Telephone Liaison at 878-274-5228.