Request Background Investigation Files

Designated agency officials can request copies of DCSA-conducted background investigations. How to request those files will depend on the purpose of the request. Different request scenarios are outlined on this page for clarity of how to request the information.

Request Files for Pre-Placement

What is a Pre-Placement File Release Request?

You can request copies of DCSA-conducted background investigations for pre-placement purposes. Pre-placement file release requests help determine whether someone is:

  • Suitable or fit for government employment;

  • Eligible for logical and physical access to federally controlled facilities and information systems;

  • Eligible to hold a sensitive position (including but not limited to eligibility for access to classified information);

  • Fit to perform work for or on behalf of the government as a contractor employee;

  • Qualified for Government service;​

  • ​Qualified to perform contractual services for the government; and Loyal to the United States.

Options for Requesting Files for Pre-Placement Purposes

To request files for pre-placement:

  • Call DCSA's Telephone Liaisons at: 878-274-5228

  • Fax a written request to: 724-794-9861

  • Mail a written request to:

    Liaison Group
    Attn: Telephone Liaisons
    PO Box 618
    Boyers, PA 16018

For deliveries requiring a street address use:
1137 Branchton Road
Boyers, PA 16016

Request a Copy of a Pending Case (not complete)

Your Security Office Identifier (SOI) can request a current pending investigation through our Telephone Liaisons. Then, we'll furnish the request once the case is complete. While waiting for the case to close, your SOI can request an advanced National Agency Check (NAC) product. They can do so regardless of the original requesting agency.
If your SOI no longer needs the investigation, you must call DCSA Telephone Liaisons and cancel the request.

Request Files for Subject, Procedural Right, or Due Process

Requesting records to provide to the subject of a “materials relied upon” request or for due process (adjudicative proceedings)? Learn more about requesting files for external dissemination.

Request Files for Special Purposes

Certain requests for a copy of a background investigation must go through our Privacy, Civil Liberties, and FOIA (PCLF) Office. This includes if your request is for:

  • LE investigations

  • CI/CT investigations

  • Litigation

  • EEO proceedings

Follow the record request guidelines from PCLF for these types of requests.