Requirements for Childcare

Form Requirements for Childcare Positions

Investigations for childcare positions using position code "H" (Tiers 2 through 5) or extra coverage code "8" (Tier 1) will often require documents for each state that the subject has listed residency since the age of 16. Document submission details for the states should be reviewed before submitting the investigation for childcare positions and can be found in the DCSA Childcare Agency Guide. This Guide is available in the NP2 Secure Portal in a public library folder labeled “Childcare Investigations Documents”. These documents are required in addition to the documents listed per government affiliation and case type on the “Case Types & Forms” pages.

Due to the state repositories needing original copies of fingerprint cards and other required documentation, all original copies of forms must be mailed to the address below. DCSA cannot accept faxed or electronic submissions. Once all of the necessary documents have been completed per the individual state requirements, please mail to:

PO Box 618
Boyers, PA 16018

For deliveries requiring a street address use:
1137 Branchton Road
Boyers, PA 16018

Note: Some state forms may request that payment be sent with the application. DO NOT send payment for ANY state to DCSA.