Services to Partner Agencies

Services to Partner Agencies

General Inquiries


Agency Support Helpline, System Liaison

724-794-5612, ext. 4600

Agency Training (Central Verification System, Position Designation, e-QIP)

Billing Support

724-794-5612 ext. 4490

Interagency Agreements

Central Verification System (CVS) Access

724-794-5612, ext. 4600 (Select option 4)

724-794-7104 (password reset help)

eDelivery Transmission

FTS Accounts and Authorizations (SWFT)

724-794-5612, ext. 4600 (select option 2 and then select option 2 again)

Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts

724-794-5612, ext. 7000

Investigation Quality

Case quality concerns must be reported through the Quality Assessment Reporting Tool (QART). If your agency is not a registered user of the QART, you may start the registration process by contacting

NP2 Portal Support


Questions regarding Employment Inquiry Vouchers (INV-41)

Questions regarding Education Inquiry Vouchers (INV-43)

Suitability Executive Agent


Schedule Subject Interview Around Subject's Deployment

Telephone Liaisons

Case Status, Fingerprint Submission Status, File Release, SII/CVS Checks, Discontinue Investigation


Investigator Verification Hotline


Customer Engagements Team (CET)

Support for DISS and , DCII, and SWFT systems.


Federal Relay Service (Assistance for People with Impaired Hearing)