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Privacy Act Amendment instructions

Upon request and proper identification by any individual who has been granted access to DCSA records pertaining to himself or herself, that individual may request, either in person or through the mail, that the record be amended. Such a request must be made in writing and addressed to the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency, Office of FOIA and Privacy, Record Amendment Request, 27130 Telegraph Rd., Quantico, VA 22134.


The following information must be included to ensure effective action on the request.

  1. DESCRIPTION OF THE RECORD - Requesters should specify the number of pages and documents, the titles ofthe documents, form numbers, if applicable, dates on documents and names of individuals who signed them. Any reasonable description of the document is acceptable.
  2. DESCRIPTION OF THE ITEMS TO BE AMENDED - The description of the passages, pages or documents to beamended should be as clear and specific as possible.
    1. Page, line and paragraph numbers should be cited where they FOIA exist.
    2. A direct quotation of all or a portion of the passage may be made if it isn't otherwise easily identifiable. Ifthe passage is long, a quotation of its beginning and end will surface
    3. In certain cases, a simple substantive request may be appropriate, (e.g., "delete all references to myalleged arrest in July 1980."
    4. If the requester has received a copy of the record, an annotated copy of documents to be amended, maybe submitted.
  3. TYPE OF AMENDMENT - The requester must clearly state the type of amendment being requested.
    1. Deletion or expungement, (i.e., a complete removal from of the record of data, sentences, passages, paragraphs or documents).
    2. Correction of the information in the record to make it more accurate, (e.g., rectify mistaken identities,dates, data pertaining to the individual, etc.).
    3. Additions to make the record more relevant, accurate or timely may be requested.
    4. Other changes may be requested. However, they must be specifically and clearly described.
  4. REASON FOR AMENDMENT - Requests for amendment must be based on specific reasons, included in writing.Categories of reasons are as follows:
    1. Accuracy - Amendment may be requested where matters of fact are believed to be incorrectly recorded,(e.g., dates, names, addresses, identification numbers, or any other information concerning the individual.The request, whenever possible, should contain the accurate information, copies of verifying documents,or indication of how the information can be verified.
    2. Relevance - Amendment may be requested when information in a record is believed not to be relevant or necessary to the purposes of the record system.
    3. Timeliness - Amendment may be requested when information is thought to be so old as to no longer bepertinent to the stated purposes of the records system. It may also be requested when there is recentinformation of a pertinent type that is not included in the record.
    4. Completeness - Amendment may be requested where information in a record is incomplete with respectto its purpose. The data thought to have been omitted should be included or identified with the request.
    5. Fairness - Amendment may be requested when a record is thought to be unfair concerning the Subject, interms of the stated purposes of the record. In such cases, a source of additional information to increasethe fairness of the record should be identified where possible.
    6. Other Reasons - Reasons for requesting amendment are not limited to those cited above. The content ofthe records is authorized in terms of its stated purposes which should be the basis for evaluating them.However, any matter believed appropriate may be submitted as a basis of an amendment request.
    7. Court Orders - Court orders and statutes may require amendment of a file. While they do not require aPrivacy Act request for execution, such may be brought to the attention of DCSA by using these procedures.