Continuous Evaluation (CE) Rap Back Program

DCSA offers subscriptions to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) Rap Back Program, which provides a continuous vetting model and an ongoing ability to gather real-time information about an individual’s behavior.

When an agency enrolls (subscribes) an individual in Rap Back, the FBI’s NGI Rap Back Program uses a set of classifiable fingerprints provided by the subscribing agency and continuously compares those fingerprints with new criminal history and civil records provided to the FBI by State Identification Bureaus (SIBs). If the FBI receives information on the enrolled individual, the FBI provides DCSA with the rap sheet. DCSA then immediately notifies the subscribed agency via email, while also making the new Identity History Summary (IdHS) immediately available within the Central Verification System to the subscribed agency.

This current product does not include issue expansion or resolution. If agencies are not able to resolve issues present in a product result (in accordance with the requirements of the Expandable Focused Investigation Model of the Federal Investigative Standards) and would like to request additional investigative work, Reimbursable Suitability/Security Investigations (RSI) are available for order from DCSA.

If your agency is interested in utilizing Rap Back, please call your DCSA agency liaison at 724-794-5612.