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Additional Assistance

Contact VROC
All industry correspondence to include but not limited to SF-312s should be sent to:

Phone: (888) 282-7682, select option #2
Fax: (443) 661-1140 or DCSA.ncr.DCSA-isfo.mbx.VROC-fax@mail.mil* *When using the fax via email option, password protect the file in the first email and send the actual password in a separate email. Email: DCSA.ncr.DCSA-dvd.mbx.askvroc@mail.mil

r faster processing, please include the Facility Name and the CAGE CODE in the subject line and the subject's name and the issue within the body of the email. For example: Subject line- Your Company, Inc. -12345. Body: John Doe – Status of the adjudication, RRU, Investigation etc.

For additional information or assistance regarding industrial clearances, investigations, and adjudications, please contact the Knowledge Center.