Contact for DCSA Services to Partner Agencies


Contacting DCSA about your own background investigation?

Please find the appropriate contact in the My Background Investigation section of the DCSA website.

General inquiries from non-DCSA partner agencies can be directed to:


Contact for DCSA Services to Partner Agencies

Agency Support Helpline, System Liaison
724-794-5612, x4600

Agency Training (Central Verification System, Position Designation, e-QIP)

Billing Contacts
DCSA Billing Support Team
Phone: (724) 794-5612 ext. 4490

  • Investigation rate inquiries
  • Potential billing errors
  • Backup documentation requests (other than invoices)
  • Electronic invoice retrieval

DCSA Interagency Agreements (IAA)

  • General IAA inquiries for background investigations
  • Servicing agency inquiries
  • IAA Signatures

Central Verification System (CVS) Access
724-794-5612, x4600 option 4
Password reset: 724-794-7104

eDelivery Transmission Inquiries

Applicants: Need help logging into e-QIP or filling out your investigation form? help
Agency Users: Need help Click here and visit the “Agency Users” tab

FTS Accounts and Authorizations
724-794-5612, x4600 option 2

Freedom of Information and Privacy Act
724-794-5612, x7000

Investigation Quality
Case quality concerns must be reported through the Quality Assessment Reporting Tool (QART). If your agency is not a registered user of the QART, you may start the registration process by contacting

NP2 Portal Support

Request Reopen or Reimbursable Suitability Investigation (RSI)
Please see the RSI/Reopen webpage for instructions, submission form and more information.

Suitability Executive Agent

Schedule subject interview around subject's deployment

Telephone Liaisons: Case Status, Fingerprint Submission Status, File Release, SII/CVS Checks, Discontinue Investigation

* Hearing impaired users may utilize the Federal Relay Service (external link) by dialing 1-800-877-8339** to reach a Communications Assistant (CA). The CA will dial the requested number and relay the conversation between a standard (voice) telephone user and text telephone (TTY) user

** Visiting the Federal Relay Service website (external link) will provide access to additional Toll-Free and Toll Access Numbers.

Investigator Verification Hotline

Customer Engagements Team (CET)
Support for DISS, DCII, and SWFT systems.
Phone: 724-794-7765