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DISS Release 13.12.0 Announcement

As part of the ongoing rollout of user-focused improvements to the Defense Information System for Security (DISS), DCSA deployed Release 13.12.0 on Thursday, August 4, 2022. Release 13.12.0 provides several system enhancements and fixes. See the Release Notes, About Tabs, and User Manuals for all enhancements and fixes and more information regarding them. Some highlights are:

ALL DISS APPLICATIONS: Update Foreign Travel to meet the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Security Executive Agency Directive 3 (SEAD 3) reporting requirements. Changes made include:

  • Added Foreign Travel Fields to include Passport, Emergency Contact (optional), Transport Carrier, Mode of Transport, and Post Travel comment
  • Foreign Contact not marked required
  • Debrief information viewable

Joint Verification System (JVS):

  • Added Suitability as a Polygraph type in the drop down menu
  • All subjects on the Eligibility transfer list are transferred when performing Mass Subject Transfer
  • Birth country displays when selecting non-US country for Place of Birth
  • Able to Mass Transfer Subjects after Selecting a SMO without receiving an unrecoverable error
  • Mass debrief button is available and subjects are able to be Mass debriefed without error
  • Subjects with servicing relationships are able to be added as SMO POCs

Case Adjudication Tracking System (CATS):

  • Added a standard Investigation Request STATUS Report, which automates the manual report that was being generated
  • Removed the Interim Eligibility CSR pre-conditions, except the condition that user must have owning/service relationship
  • Added the capability to add polygraph information and added Suitability as a Polygraph type in the drop down menu
  • Able to suspend SCI Eligibility
  • When users click the edit Case Notes, the Edit Case Notes wizard appears and allows the editing of notes
  • Subjects last names that have apostrophe are searchable via Advance Subject Search


  • Users are able to open their Appeals Tasks
  • DOHA users are able to find cases and complete case tasks