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As of January 9, 2023 onboarding to NBIS is now open for all organizations. The NBIS Industry Onboarding Team has supplied email notification to all Industry Account and Hierarchy Managers that onboarding to NBIS has begun. However, if you are an Account and Hierarchy Manager and you or your other organization team members which hold the aforementioned DISS roles have not received notification, please reach out via email to the Industry Onboarding Team at the mailbox provided below to receive the instructions and details on how to begin. NBIS Industry Onboarding Team mailbox: dcsa.meade.nbis.mbx.nbis-industry-onboarding-team@mail.mil"

DISS Release 13.15.0 Announcement
As part of the ongoing rollout of user-focused improvements to the Defense Information System for Security (DISS), DCSA deployed Release 13.15.0 on Thursday December 15, 2022. Release 13.15.0 provides system enhancements and fixes. See the Release Notes, About Tabs, and User Manuals for all enhancements and fixes and more information regarding them. Some highlights are:

Joint Verification System (JVS):

  • Users are able to view, run, and/or download the Foreign Travel Report for their SMO
  • Subjects with suspended access show on the Access Suspension Report (Owning)
  • Pseudo SSN shows on the Subject Report
  • Unacceptable statuses available as an Investigation Status filter on the Subject Report
  • When SMO runs the Submitted Incident report, only subjects with incidents the SMO submitted populate
  • Ineligibility table displays only those who do not have access with or have been debriefed by the current SMO
  • CSRs are cancelled when associated incidents are removed from a Subject
  • Users able to edit Subject data and Place of Birth PII
  • The Failure notification for Mass indoctrination displays failed subjects first and last names
  • Removed Column filters on Mass Subject Transfer tables to prevent table lock and allow subject transfers
  • Able to add multiple subjects to visit using search with the SSN/PSSN radio button
  • Multiple subjects can be added at a time to a visit

Case Adjudication Tracking System (CATS):

  • CSRs are cancelled when associated incidents are removed from a Subject
  • Users able to edit Subject Data and Place of Birth PII
  • An Adjudicator is able to open a RFA from the RFA tab