Background Investigations for Applicants

A background investigation is required when working for or on behalf of the United States Federal Government.

Our Role

At DCSA, we perform investigations on individuals working for or on behalf of the Executive Branch of the United States per Executive Order 13467, as amended. We also complete some background investigations for other branches of the government when it is the most efficient use of Government resources and in the best interest of National Security.

The Investigation Process

Before you get started, learn more about the investigation process. If you have questions about your background investigation, please talk with your current or prospective employer.

Helpful Resources  

I’d like to find:

The status of my background investigation
My previous forms or completed background investigation
Help filling out my new form in eApp
Information on the appeals process

I’d like to verify:

The identity of someone claiming to be a DCSA special agent or investigator
An email I received asking for information or to schedule an interview

I’d like to report:

A security concern about others (insider threat concerns)
Report a change in your circumstances in accordance with self-reporting guidelines