e-Delivery is the electronic packaging and delivery of the following items to customer agencies in a usable format:

  • Closed/Complete Investigations
  • Reopen Investigations
  • Straggler Material
  • Electronic File Requests (e-FR)
  • Advanced Product Results (Reports: NAC, NAC Status, and Fingerprint)

It eliminates the mail out of hardcopy investigative files and allows agencies to process as needed based on the automation and technology systems they have in place. e-Delivery is processed each evening, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round, including weekends and holidays. Some benefits of e-Delivery include:

  • Paperless versus hardcopy manual processing
  • Reduced delivery time — as early as two days after case is closed/complete
  • Automated file that feeds into agency’s case management system
  • Enhanced and streamlined agency adjudication process

Any agencies interested in learning more about the e-Delivery process can contact one of the following OPM PIPS Imaging System (OPIS) team members to schedule an initial “kickoff” meeting:

Phone: 724-794-5612 (ext. 4600)

Email: DCSAeDeliveryTeam@mail.mil