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Industrial Security Letters

Industrial Security Letters (ISLs) are issued periodically to inform cleared contractors, government contracting activities and DoD activities of developing relating to industrial security. These letters are for information and clarifications of existing policy and requirements.



  • ISL 2021-02 (8/12/2021) Please click here for the DNI Worldwide Threat Assessment (9 March 2018) referenced at the top of page 13 in ISL 2021-02


The Industrial Security Letters listed above are in effect as DoD cleared contractor guidance for the implementation of 32 CFR, Part 117, “NISPOM.”

The Industrial Security Letters listed below are no longer in effect due to the cancellation of DoD 5220.22-M, “NISPOM” on December 10, 2021. These ISLs are due to be officially rescinded upon approval by the OUSD(I&S).  A notice will be provided to cleared contractors under DoD cognizance when that occurs.













NISP Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service (EMASS)

Account Management

To request a NISP eMASS user account, cleared Industry must complete the following:

1. DISA eMASS Computer Based Training (CBT)

2. Cyber Awareness Challenge (CAC) Training

3. DCSA System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) Form

4. NISP eMASS User Registration (

In order to ensure successful completion of all the NISP eMASS user account prerequisites, follow the guidance in the NISP eMASS User Account Request Guide. For additional information, please contact the assigned Information Systems Security Professional (ISSP) and/or the DCSA NAO eMASS Team at

Risk Management Framework

Foreign Ownership, Control Or Influence (FOCI)

NISP eMASS application issues:

Contact the DISA eMASS Help Desk:
Commercial Phone: 1-(844)-347-2457 Options 1, 3

RMF Knowledge Service application issues:

Contact the RMF Technical Inquiries Team at:
The following information must be included with each help desk ticket submission:

  • Contact information
  • Domain: NIPR
  • Errors: What type of error? What does the error say? When do you receive the error (if possible, attach a screenshot)?

User Account/CAGE code container issues/inquiries:

Contact the DCSA NISP eMASS Mailbox:

System Administrator inquiries:

Contact the DCSA NISP eMASS Mailbox:

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