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News | April 10, 2024

PSI-I NISS Survey extended

The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) conducts an annual data collection of all U.S. active cleared defense industry facilities for projected personnel security investigation (PSI) requirements for clearances as part of the Department of Defense (DoD) planning and budgeting process. The data collection of National Industrial Security Program (NISP) PSI projections has now been extended through April 12, 2024 and can be accessed through the DCSA National Industrial Security System (NISS).

If you have already submitted your PSI projections, you may confirm the submission status by logging into NISS as the FSO/AFSO/Other Security Staff role. From the NISS Dashboard, hover over the light blue More tab, click PSI Survey, on the right bar click "PSI Submission Status." This is where you can view the status of your survey. The status will be either Submitted or Draft.

To submit your projections, please log into the NISS Application. A PSI Job Aid is available on the NISS Dashboard (after you have logged in) to assist in completing the survey.
  • There is no requirement to provide projections for T3R/T5R submissions to the PSI-I survey. However, please continue to submit SF86 updates (T3Rs/T5Rs) for Continuous Vetting enrollment for your individuals in accordance with the June 27, 2022, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (OSD) memorandum, "Department of Defense Guidance on Continuous Vetting and Other Measures to Expedite Reform and Transition to Trusted Workforce 2.0" and supplemental guidance for Continuous Vetting posted by DCSA on August 10, 2022. 
  • For more information about logging in or establishing your NISS account, please visit the "Registration" section of the NISS page on the DCSA public website. ( Additional support for registration and access issues can be provided by the DCSA Knowledge Center, 1-888-282-7682, select Option 2 then Option 2.
  • Data collection will be available through April 12, 2024. We look forward to your participation. If you have any questions about the PSI data collection, please contact the PSI team at: All other NISS questions should be sent to, or call the DCSA knowledge Center at
    888-282-7682 and select option 2, then option 2.