NBIS Federal Resources

DCSA is planning NBIS onboarding for federal agencies in a phased approach. This gradual rollout is designed to ensure NBIS capabilities have gone through significant user acceptance testing, and DCSA can fine tune the onboarding process for the best customer experience. This means that agencies onboarding towards the beginning of the rollout will not have access to the full suite of NBIS capabilities and will still have to rely on some legacy systems. DCSA will continue to work with agencies throughout the entire process.


The NBIS Onboarding Support Team will begin communicating with agencies 180 days before they are set to begin onboarding. The sooner prerequisites have been met, the sooner agencies can onboard in their onboarding groups. While each organization will have unique requirements, the onboarding approach will be standardized, and the Onboarding Support Team will work closely with agencies throughout the process.

Personnel Vetting Questionnaire
Deployment Overview
NBIS Account Management Policy Document v 1.2.2
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