NCCS Government Onboarding

NCCS Federal Agency Phased Implementation Plan

DCSA is implementing NCCS onboarding for federal agencies in a phased approach. This gradual rollout is designed to ensure NCCS capabilities have gone through significant user acceptance testing, and DCSA can fine-tune the onboarding process for the best customer experience. DCSA will continue to work with agencies throughout the entire process.

DCSA has divided onboarding customer agencies into groups across the federal government based on their size and unique needs. Click here to view the  DCSA NCCS Phased Implementation Plan for Government Users.

If you have questions about the onboarding or the schedule, please reach out to your agency's liaison point of contact. The tentative phased schedule is listed below:


Registration Open Date

Targeted Completion

Soft Launch

June 2022

September 2022


October 2022

December 2022


December 2022

February 2023


February 2023

April 2023


April 2023

June 2023

If you are unsure of which phase your organization is in, please email us at


General Platform Access and NCCS Role Registration

Role registration for NCCS 2.0 is a two-step process.

STEP 1: You must be granted access to the platform in order view the NCCS landing site to register for a role either by a submitted SAAR or processed as a legacy user

  • NOTE: Users who have not completed step 1 will receive a “User not found” error message when trying to access the NCCS application link below.

STEP 2: Once platform access has been approved, users will received an email notification to complete the NCCS role registration. Role approvals will be processed by either the DCSA NCCS Support Team or your agency’s Government Account Manager (GAM).

Specific instructions for legacy and non-legacy users are provided below:

    • Legacy NCCS 1.0 Users Instructions:
    • STEP 1: For the 35,000+ legacy users NCCS 1.0, DCSA will be processing legacy users for access to the secure platform during the June/July timeframe.
    • Legacy user’s NCCS roles will be approved by Government Account Managers (GAMs) for those users’ agencies. For agencies who have yet to establish a GAM, role requests will remain in the pending status.
    • Non-Legacy NCCS 1.0 Users Instructions:
    • Non-legacy user’s NCCS roles will be processed by the NCCS support team or by Government Account Managers (GAMs) for those users’ agencies.

For more information on NCCS roles, see the NCCS Training Material section of this site.

For general questions, please email us at