Soft launch of NCCS 2.0

6 June 2022: Soft launch of NCCS 2.0 - NCCS 2.0 was approved for soft launch.  Registration is a two part process. For legacy users, DCSA will be working with the agencies who had active accounts to the previous iteration of the system and develop a timeline for the batch processing of those accounts.  The batch process will grant those users access to the platform that hosts the NCCS system. From there, users will be able to complete the registration process for a NCCS role. The user role will then be forwarded to that agency’s Government Account Manager (GAM).  The request will remain pending until the GAM is established and the request has been reviewed and approved. For new users, see the Onboarding section of this site.


NCCS Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

16 May 2022: NCCS Minimum Viable Product (MVP) NCCS MVP development has concluded and the NCCS team is currently transferring legacy Government users into the new application.


FAR 4.402 has been updated

1 May 2022 - FAR 4.402 has been updated to reflect the new NCCS guidance and application link.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  NCCS resides on a secure government platform. If you have not been on boarded to the platform, you will received an error message.  See the Onboarding section how to gain access to NCCS.


System Testing starting

March 17, 2022 System Testing starting - NCCS has concluded MVP develop and will be undergoing Government Acceptance (GAT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) beginning March 17, 2022.